When I was in High School I wrote a research paper about faster than light travel.

I was put down by my teacher and giving a D Grade on my paper because Einstein said that it is not possible to travel faster than light speed. However, my paper stated that throughout history man has said that many things about science that has been proving wrong.

  • The World is Flat
  • The Earth stands still and the stars and planets revolve around the Earth.
  • If man was meant to fly he would have wings
  • Going to the Moon
  • Not possible to break the sound barrier
  • and in the time of High School Not possible to travel faster than light

My research paper had many sources and references of faster than light travel despite this, my Teacher ignored the proofs that I had any of the possible ability to travel faster than light and gave me a D rating on my paper.

Years Later

I took that same paper without any changes to it and gave it to my Astronomy Professor in College and received an A Grade on my paper.


NASA is currently working on developing WARP Drive, faster than light speed technology.


 Nasa Articles:

Introductions to Emerging Physics:

  1. Warp Speed, Fact or Fiction
  2. Spacetime Hypersurfing?
  3. Science Classics (Warp-and-woof drive)
  4. A New Gravity?, Challenging Einstein"s General Theory of Relativity
  5. Inertia: Does Empty Space Put Up the Resistance?
  6. Space Drive: A Fantasy That Could Become Reality
  7. Vacuum Matters
  8. The Classical Vacuum
  9. The Cosmic Background Radiation and the new Aether Drift
  10. Dark Matter in the Universe
  11. New Detectors for Gravity Waves
  12. Closing in On Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity

Detailed Technical Papers:

  1. The warp drive: hyper-fast travel within general relativity
  2. Inertia as a Zero-Point Field Lorentz Force
  3. Gravity as a zero-point-fluctuation force
  4. Toward a Field Theory of Gravitation
  5. General Relativity and related physics
  6. Space Warps: A Review of One Form of Propulsionless Transport
  7. On Negative Mass Propulsion
  8. Exploring the Notion of Space Coupling Propulsion
  9. Boundary Conditions on Faster-Than-Light Transport Systems
  10. Feasibility of Interstellar Travel: A Review


Article: Comments on a variety of scientifically plausible propulsion schemes. States that Centauri cluster is reachable within 50 yrs given a velocity of 10% lightspeed, and 25 stars are within reach given 30% lightspeed. Various propulsion schemes are compared, but the comparisons were not on equal footing:

  • Nuclear Electric Propulsion: 10,000 year trip
  • Nuclear (Fission) Pulse Propulsion: 130-year trip.
  • Antimatter Propulsion: 50-year mission requires 9 kg of anti-hydrogen for 1-ton payload.
  • Nuclear Fusion: To be determined.
  • Interstellar Ramjet: To be determined, particularly the issue of fusing protons without having to slow them down.
  • Beamed Power: 20 year trip for a crewed vehicle, but needs lasers that are about 10,000 times more powerful than all the power used on the Earth today.

End Quote


Faster than Light Travel is Possible and

Science Has Proven my statements are true.